I met Adam (the founder of Madera Outdoor) at the Open Roads Fest in Idaho last year while I was doing my normal daily sketches. After chatting for a bit and sharing some of my work with him, he said he was looking for an artist to help design a new towel design. I was already familiar wtih Madera and their unique, artist-inspired hammocks and was thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate on this new project.

After several discussions, we decided on the theme and the nature inspired imagery of the design. I began to sketch out this piece titled "Stride". The bear, representing a protagonist in the natural landscape, moves through the scene and leaves it full of vibrant color and life. However, as the bear turns its head, the landscape turns gray and lifeless.

The towels are available directly from the Madera website and sold in three different sizes:


Small hand towel $15

Small bath towel $20

Large bath towel $25

Each towel comes in a convenient carrying pouch and each purchase will go towards planing two trees (perfect for hammocks) as part of Madera's tree planting initiatives.

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